Manthan Exam Kit

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19 reviews for Manthan Exam Kit

  1. Jay

    Very nice publication

  2. Neelima Sulakhe


  3. Dasharath Bharat Randive

    Very good

  4. dr.autam k darekar

    very good for basic preparation of students

  5. dr.autam k darekar


  6. Sanjay


  7. Sanjay

    Mast ahe mulanchya study sathi

  8. Vidya Sawant


  9. Pratapsing patil

    Very good

  10. Hariom dipak patil

    Very good publication

  11. Pankaj Thakur

    Very nice

  12. Deopawara

    Very nice publication.

  13. Vishwajit Anil Patil


  14. D.G.Shinkar

    Spardha parikshechya drushtine chhan aahe

  15. Girish Patil

    Nice activity

  16. bnsirsat3229


  17. Yogesh

    Nice Work

  18. Ramdas Dongare

    Nice online application facilities,but books where available to us

  19. Vishesh Sunil patil

    Very good

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